Episode 3

Published on:

16th Nov 2021


Rachel K Collier – You can pretend

Mike McKenzie – Hold Me In Your Arms

Ali Warren - Head Over Heart

The Old Youths – Polaroid Star

Sam Gifford – Run the Red Light

George Windsor – Name on it

Jorge. - Arlo Parks

D’Andre – My Language

Crispr Kid – Blitzkrieg

Basil Babychan – Phantasm

Hollows – UV Lights

Andrew Thomas – Goodbye (To Life On The Inside)

Ari – By The Sea

Sleep Outside – Spent

The Lighthouse – 5th Floor

Reflection Black – Let The Spirit

Paper Tigers – Blue Light Trails

Chasing Tales - Burn This City

Joëtta – Narrative

Daniele Giuili – Nice to meet you

Dust in The Sunlight – Blueprints

Parlour Suns – Wait for Me

Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders – Cosmic Fear

Ben Nicholls – Scream and Shout

Nicole Dash Jones – Lego

DesperateBeauty – Flower (22 Mix)

Lo Rays – Human Again

Paju Kai – Crooked

Drag – Dracula

Parlour Suns – T-Shirt

Smoke Spider – The Damage is done

Vincent George – Fever

Daniele Mastrobattista- Himalaya (Remix)

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