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23rd Jul 2022


TRUMAN FALLS – Simon Pure & The Siren

Lie Supine – Open Eyes

Transmissions – Pale Imitation

CITIZEN:KANE – Familiar Voices Are Easier To Understand

Ruebi – Clown

darren mason – You Reap What You Sow

Liwu k paralysed

Dark Optics – The Great Rainbow Serpent

Bloodtooth – Let go

Nina Chiodin – Cherries And Pearls

Rose Thorn – Hey Johnny

Lauren Walton - Hardwired

Dafydd Hedd - Fake Indie Song

Earthtones Trio – Wheel Slowly Turning

Aaron Spencer – Do It All Again

Latifa – City Love

The Awkward – George Gorgeous

The Chase - Black Cloud

Monroe & Moralezz – Making Moments

Monroe & Moralezz – Taxi Driver

3 Little Wolves – Fractured (a bit)

Hanna Söderberg – Gravity

Pure Obsessions & Red Nights – Fly Above the City Lights

Flavus Nova – Illusion

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