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1st Oct 2023

Formula Indie Europe 1.10.2023

Alex Hall – Raining

Amber T – Ripped Jeans

Ape Revolution Bell – Smile

At Mos – Blindfold

Cupid Girl- I Drop Everything

Davy Lyons – Amen

Divorce Finance - Auto-Communist Dream Girl

Doruk Doyran – As the moon ascends

Eve Garland – Lilies (For Adam)

Francesca Palamidessi – Ultramarine

Freyja Elsy – Golden Hour

Glytsh – VHS


Julian Tran – Strange Times

Liam Dutch – Freaky Dreams


Lottie Gray – Get Lost

Madew – Debate All Concluded

Malone – Tête haute

Max SA – Living For The Moment

MRBLS – Piece of You

Nick Frayzier – Is you buffed?

Nicki Wells – Holy Smoke

Oli Ng – Up the Wall

Onyi Moss – Show Me The Woman

Paterson – Don't It Feel Good

Paul Hand – Mind Give Way

pecq - Left Behind

Peter Widebay – Ephemeral Bloom

Prangin' Mantis – King Dave

Sabolious - Joseph

Shizo van de Sunflower – Changes

Simo Naapuri – I am music

Simo Naapuri – On Line

Snavs – Myth

Starfish64 – Yesterday's Favourite Smile (2023)

Susie Kimber - Letting You Go

Sylvan Weekends – Outliers

The Horn – Another Way

The Lost Hours – Miss America

The Samurais – New Days

THEIA – Everything

Tiny Vessels – Better For You

TNL VZN – Night Terror

Unstuck – Working Man!

Viatr – Queue The Dreams

Water Rise – Hope

Wilelmina – Good Bye

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