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29th Sep 2023

Formula Indie Europe 29.9.2023

9 o'clock Nasty – Mood Is Low

Alexander Woods – Now I Know

andre lou – talk to me

Anna – Triangular Segment

As Seen Above – Rose TInted

Cael – Nothing Without You

Datura – Veil

Dee & d'Z – E.N.E.R.GY

Downtown Patriots – Your Burden

Eldon Loblein – Chrysanthemum

Elliott Jones – Moment of Madness

Everdeen – By The Water (Acoustic)

Fever Rouge – Golden

Forager – 192

H.A.L.O – Bank Balence

Hertzen – Secret Sins


Ido Filiba – Loneliness

Joshua Woo – Someone's Star

Julian Tran – It’s Held Within

Kid Jupiter – bluepink

KJ Sounds – Watch Out

Kute Juergens – Good Good Lovin'

La Vivas – The Bell And The Butterfly

Levina – Trip To Mars

Liv Crash – Wonderland


Maiie – undressed heart

May Days in Barcelona - The North Sea (Part 1)

Neo & Neo – Labuan Bajo غافل

NOMENA – Spot the Light

Owners Club – Witchcraft for the Modern World

Pedro Samp – Running

Quenta – Family 4 Sale

ROD-R – Ellipse

Rodney Cromwell – The Winter Palace

Sarah Rose – Boys Don't Cry

Shadowbanned – Seas Of Time

Sienná – So may it be

Slicko – Can’t Fear No Man

Stone Horns – No Mercy

Susy K – Hear It From Her

The Alaska Trap – No explanation

The Cavs – Again

The Connecting Dots – In The Arms Of A Stranger

The Radio Makers – I'm A Poseur

The West Order – Girl Without A Name

Thomas Jay – Comfortable

Ugly Yeti – Floating Away

Uncle Arthur & The Alley Cat – My Darlin' Hates Me

Vassilis – Are You Ready To Move On?

Venice Heath – Indoor Swimming Pool

WhiteRoomNightmare – I'm Sorry It's You

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