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10th Sep 2023

Formula Indie Europe 10.9.2023

Ace Rosewall – Stay Friends

Adar Alfandari – Tracking Footsteps

AISTÈ – What's Going On

Alex Nauva – Fever Part I

Alexander Nantschev – Trust

Angus Powell - Black Water

Antony Alexander – It's Always Been You

Aura Davis – Unbroken

Birdeatsbaby – HEX

Black Pixels – Bodies

Blue Bijou – In This Town

Burning Juniper - Staring At The Ceiling

Callforth – Why'd You Stop Me?

CAM – Your Loss

Captain Of The Lost Waves – Animals On An Island

Conflict Choir – Algorithm

Craig Gould – The Campfire Song

Crazy toads – Betongbarn

Darling Fitch – Rise

Dom Malin – The Sea

Downtown Lester Brown – Funky Munky

Eedgab – Lights

Electric Circus – My Illusion

Floating Circles – Snappy Dan

Funkjoy – Not Coming Home

Great Park Avenue – Every Other Day

hug or handshake – Slowboy

Jodie – I'm Not Your Fool

KATERINA – Ballad of a Hollywood Dreamer

Katie Keddie – Alaska Sadness

Le-naSty- Another Sweet Moment

Mart – Underdog

Michelle Grimes – Princess

Modest Oda – Until We Leave

Neo & Neo – Behind the Walls (Live at Hardstudios)

Norrisette – Metal Hotel

Out At Sea – No One (When You Go)

Raffi Maxwell – We were

Ruby Nixxons – Set me on Fire

Shayanne – Move With Me

Silas Armstrong – Deluded

Still Talk – Move to L.A.

The Black Skies – Feeling Good?

The Buggs – Inside Her Head

The Damned Few – Til Death Do Us Part

The Peace Lilies – Cherry Blossom Skies

The Survival Code – We Are Just Fooling Ourselves

The Tiger Moths – Dreaming of Yesterday

Walking Through Walls – I Was Thinking Of Ways To Tell You

Will Lisil – Nikolas Ferreira (Passinho do Nik)

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