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12th Sep 2023

Formula Indie Europe 12.9.2023

Alex Welch – Kaiser Crew Kraken

ALFONX – La Cucaracha (And Everybody’s Screaming Loud)

Alibi – Hyperspace Now

Alpha Chino – Soft Focus

Apidae – Never Gonna Leave Your Side

August Hall – Leaving Arizona ft Emma Bucknor

Band Spectra – Stars Seem Eternal

Blockade – Mess You Made

Blue Orchid Reaction – Atmosphere

Blues Messenger – Big Wave

Calboa – Loose Lips

Carley Varley – I'm not angry anymore



Dan Szyller – King’s Hall

Drella – Divide

Erica Cody – Cry Baby (Sped up)

Frank Joshua – You Are All I Need

Helena May – Somebody New

Inherit The Ashes – Florida Man

James Bone – The Ballad of Billy and Janey

Jamie Cook – Dear Susanne

Japanese Jesus – Tension

Juliette Jemm – Les rêves

Kepa Lehtinen – In The Heart Of Winter

Laux – Close Your Eyes

Lee Switzer-Woolf – Annihilation Signals

Maria Wilman – Dark Horse

Martin Yates – Let your love

Michelle Daly – Raven

Moonlight Thief – Come Home

neer human – Speed Up

Ocean Districts – Fata Morgana

Owen Kennedy – Pothead Pixie (feat. Chef & Tom Waters)

Pink Eye Club – Same Job for Three Years

Play Misty – Open Your Heart

Ron Briskin – New Year's Eve


Shifty Poles – Avrg Bread Eater

Statues Of Men – Kick Me

Tainted Youth - Numb

Teen Prime - she said »boo«

The 23s – Doctor is my dealer

The AJM Show – Take A Walk

The Excluded – Bad To Worse

The Routine – Hairbands On My Wrist

The Silent Era – Scorpio

Third Girl From The Left – Dance

Viscula – When I Go To Find You

Wave Chase – So Much To Do (So Little Time)

Wilelmina – Childhood Joy

Wir:So! - Aus Scherben neuer Ton

Yorige - Mėnulio šokis

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